Emulator Type.


FandC-Custom Emulator

- This project is made for customers which prefer a many features for their players.


Community Board - FandC contain :

Automatic Facebook Reward
Automatic Streaming Reward
Donation System
ClanHall Spawn NPC
Premium System
CB Buffer + Premium System (Enchanted Buffs for Premium)
Newbie Tutorial
Control Panel on Community Board
Academy Recruit System
Community Board Bosses
Community Board Auction
Community Board Database
Community Board Rank
Community Board Services
CB Buffer + Premium System (Enchanted Buffs for Premium)
Automatic Events (8 Random Events)

- Shop

- Blacksmith

- Augmentation

- Warehouse

- Services : Change Name, Sex, Color - Wash PK - Extend WH, Clan WH - Level - Nobless - Clan WH Privilege - Premium.

- Database - Drop Item - Monsters

- Random Events : Korean, CTF, LMS, TVT, Lucky Chest

- Ranking

- Raid Boss with images

- Clan System - Recuritment and Information

- Scheme Buffer

Other Features:

- Control Panel for users

- Offline Traders

- Offline Buffers

- Passowrd 

- Character Repair

- Open Atod

- Combine Talismans

- AntiBuff Shield

- Check you ping with server



FandC-Clean Emulator

Is still underdevelopment

It will be optimized for the classic lineage 2 high five servers without anykind of features and fast load.




We are offering for sell our best products High Five Emulator.

The price available on the site include


- Features available for type of server you select, 

- Server Build 

- Geodata

- Basic Support

- Lameguard methods ( not client side )

- Smartguard methods  ( not client side )

- fGuard methods ( not yet client side )


You are also able to hire us to maintain your good work of server. 

Configuration of Operating System for a good work with our emulator.


Extra Support available at an amount of price /hour